Timeshare Auction

Timeshare Auctions

Timeshare Auction- The Next Logical Step

The Timeshare Auction has become an incredibly popular as a way of purchasing Timeshare.
This should come as no surprise. With giant auction sites like Ebay leading the way in the sale of everything from comic books to classic cars it was only a matter of time before someone decide to auction off their timeshare unit, Vacation ownership points or fractional ownership interest. At any given moment there are thousands of timeshare units and timeshare weeks as well and millions of RCI Points for sale and auction on Ebay. Destinations ranging from right next door like Branson Missouri timeshare or Myrtle Beach timeshare, to the timeshare hotspots like Las Vegas Timeshare, Hawaii Timeshare and Orlando Timeshare. Even exotic timeshare locations are included, like timeshares in Africa, timeshares in Europe, or even timeshares in Tahiti.  Any timeshare destination you can imagine is available on these timeshare auctions.  Obviously the reason that the timeshare owners are here trying to sell their vacation property is because Ebay averages billions of page views per month.  People looking to buy timeshare are there for the same reason as everyone else…why pay retail!

As we have discussed many times, the world of timeshare ownership is filled with only two kinds of people.  The first is timeshare owner who loves their timeshare and would like to own more.  The next is the timeshare owner who wishes they had never accepted the free show tickets and would do almost anything to get rid of these maintenance fees, even sell their unit for pennies on the dollar.  Both of these types of vacation ownership owners and prospect can be found in droves on Ebay.

Timeshare Auction Sites

The Timeshare Auction has become such a driver in the world of Timeshare Resale that there are now entire auction sites dedicated to timeshare auctions.  Bidshares.com is one of the most prominent Timeshare auction site on the web.  Their tagline is “The Free Timeshare Auction”. It may be free to use but in the high revenue world of vacation ownership and timeshare, you can bet that they are making a little bit of money in this virtual Wall Street of Timeshare Ownership. Other visible timeshare auction sites include: Bidfortimeshares.com, Timesharesforauction.com and Timeshareauction.com

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The timeshare auction is really the perfect storm whether you are looking to buy timeshare or sell timeshare.  It is really the only place where you can browse different programs with all of their many ins and outs and bells and whistles, in the same place at the same time. You have the luxury of reviewing hundreds of different plans all at once and decide what really suites your vacation lifestyle.You also get to avoid the pushy salesman who will try to show you only what fits his or her own best interest.  Once you have perused the timeshare programs and decided on the one you like, you get to communicate directly with the seller and negotiate a price that works.

Why Would I Buy Timeshare Any Other Way?

As utopian as this arrangement sounds, it is not without its flaws.  Firstly for the seller, you have to accept that will be getting a lot less than you paid for your vacation property.  However, if you are not using it anyway, anything is better than nothing and you get to stop paying wasted maintenance fees.  The buyer is the one taking the real risk when buying timeshare in a timeshare auction.  The timeshare industry as a whole and timeshare developers specifically are scrutinized very closely buy a governing body. This was put in place for the sole purpose of protecting timeshare buyers from unscrupulous sales practices. Because of this, if you buy timeshare from a reputable Timeshare Developer, listen closely and ask the correct questions, you can rest assured that you will get the correct information on the timeshare property that you are purchasing and you will receive full disclosure on what your obligations are. Since timeshare auctions are, for the most part, private sales from person to person, they are not scrutinized nearly as much or regulated as fiercely.  This leaves the buyer very vulnerable to purchasing timeshare without the proper background information.  It must be noted that the person you are buy timeshare from doesn’t want it so it is in their best interest to tell you what you want to hear.  The private seller may not be as skilled and the smooth timeshare salesperson but the are just as motivated.

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Are Auctions the Best Way to Buy Timeshare?

The moral here is that there really is no right or wrong way to purchase timeshare and vacation ownership. If your primary goal is to get a good deal, a timeshare auction may be the perfect way for you to purchase the timeshare of your dreams.  If it is full disclosure a professional environment and the security of knowing that the person you are talking to is legally required to tell you the truth than maybe you should buy directly from the timeshare developer.