Timeshare Deals

Signs of a Good Opportunity for Timeshare Deals

If you’re looking for bargain in the timeshare market, you might want to stay away from the developer. Buying timeshare resale is often your best bet. In the market their are thousands of timeshare owners who are not using the timeshare that they own to the extent they would like and would love to sell their timeshare on the resale market. If you want to make sure that you get all of the information before you buy and you would feel better buying from an established timeshare resort developer, you can often find good value in new
timeshares that are located in destinations that have certain characteristics.

Signs That You Might Get a Good Timeshare Deal

    • The timeshare industry is just getting off the ground in a particular location.
    • The timeshare resort is located in an off-the-beaten-path spot where demand is not yet high.
    • The company is looking to sell timeshare in a place with a glut of timeshare offerings such as Cancun, Orlando and Las Vegas.
    • The location has advantageous exchange rates, lower land costs, and/or low property taxes.

Truthfully though, in the world of timeshare sales, getting “good value” is mostly about what matters to you. For many consumers, it may mean a $60,000 three-bedroom condo used during Christmas week (high season) in Aspen, Colorado. For others, it may mean a week in a $10,000 two-bedroom condo in the middle of Ontario Canada in October Good value has more to do with what you intend to do with your timeshare than with the price you pay.

Test a Timeshare Today

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Highly Available Timeshare Destinations

If you are in the market for destinations where great deals are still available, check out:

South Africa

Beaches on the Florida Panhandle

South Carolina inland

Northern States (during nonski season)


Fun for the whole family

Orlando, Florida, leads the list of family oriented vacation destinations for the obvious reasons and the sheer number of things to do with the family while on vacation. There are approximately 90 timeshare resorts within the Orlando area. California beach areas are becoming extremely popular with families as well. Hilton Head Island, Palm Springs and Clearwater are less popular with families and more popular among adults, especially adults who golf.

Snow Birds and Empty Nesters
Although very rarely does anyone actually use their timeshare for strictly retirement living, an increasing number of consumers are able to vacation more in their retirement, particularly if they they are part of the trend to purchase their timeshare when they’re still working, when they can more easily afford the payments. Most retirees are looking for quiet, less crowded destinations, like the little cozy cabins found in Sedona Arizona and the Wisconsin Dells. Beach Front condos in low season are also a popular choice among retirees. Some of the most popular choices for retirees include, Arizona, Florida, Upper Midwest (Branson MO, wisconson Dells, Minnesota) and Canada but never during ski season.