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The Timeshare Vacation Package

The Timeshare Vacation or, Mini vacation as it is often called, is one of the newest and most effective tools in the new age of timeshare marketing.  It has become such a force that most timeshare companies and timeshare developers have entire divisions dedicated to the sale and management of timeshare vacations.  Many have even gone so far as to hire well known spokesmen like Alan Thicke and Danny Bonduce to promote the value and enjoyment of timeshare vacations.  As with the idea of the off property contact or the OPC, the premise of the timeshare mini vacation is simple, people are far more likely to buy vacation property when they are on vacation.  The good times being had are all around them so it is easy to put them in the frame, because they are literally already there.  The amount of money that they spend on vacation is acutely evident to the prospective timeshare owner by the light feeling in their wallet and the big hole where their bank account used to be.  These combine to create a very conducive sales environment.

What is a Timeshare Vacation Package?
The timeshare vacation package generally comes in two distinct flavors, the sampler  and the taste test.  The timeshare sampler is usually a 5 to 7 day stay onsite in an actual timeshare resort.  The taste test is usually a 3-day 2-night package on a weekend or a 4-day 3-night stay during the week.  The 3-day 2-night taste test or “Mini Vacation” has become one  of the cornerstones of timeshare marketing in the classic weekend getaway destinations.  Las Vegas Timeshare companies, Anaheim Timeshare  companies, Orlando Timeshare companies and Myrtle Beach Timeshare companies have sold billions of dollars in timeshare intervals and created literally millions of new timeshare owners using this exact model.  The pitch is simple, you are going to visit these places anyway because you can’t get enough time off work for an old fashion 2 week vacation (this idea will get  dispelled later at the timeshare presentation) and you can drive there easily.  In addition,   if you are going anyway, why not go for free or very close to it?  The idea with these mini timeshare vacations is that the timeshare developers offer them for next to nothing and they  often include excursions for nothing, how can you possible say no?

Generally when a timeshare developer is trying to promote a timeshare resort in  an exotic location like a Hawaii Timeshare or  Bahamas timeshare or even Mexico timeshare, the taste test is not very enticing and  does not convert nearly as well.  Prospective timeshare owners have a hard time  justifying the travel time and hassle with long distance travel for such a short  duration, regardless of how good the deal seems for the getaway.  Because of this,  the great marketing minds in the timeshare industry decided that it would be better to  offer an extended stay at a timeshare resort for a greatly discounted price than to try to convince a vacationer that The Bahamas is worth the ordeal for 2 nights.  Generally, the prospective owner is offered a vacation with all of the rewards of ownership for about 10% of the market value.  Therefore, if your resort stay was going to cost you $3500, this timeshare promotion will get you the exact same accommodation for $350.  Now we are not talking about a weekend getaway to Las Vegas that you take 4 times a year, we are talking about a Dream Vacation for 10 cents on the dollar, how can you possibly say no?
That is the point, you cannot say no.

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So What is the Catch?
I am sure that you dad taught you when you were very young that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.  It usually came at the same time he was telling you that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably a duck.  Well he was right, there is a price to be paid for the Mini vacation that is almost free or the timeshare vacation that is only costing you $350 for a week in Hawaii.  That price is time spent with a salesman. This is the deal breaker for every single prospective timeshare vacation purchaser that does not take advantage of this amazing deal.  You absolutely DO have to spend part of your vacation or getaways listening to a very well mannered and often very highly skilled sales person explain to you that there  is a better way to vacation than what you have done in the past.  This person will use every tool and weapon at their disposal to get you to agree that their way of “owning your vacation” is the best and smartest thing you have ever done for yourself and your family.  The thought of this inevitable conversation often sends the exact same person whose eyes lit up at the thought of finally being able to afford that trip to Cancun screaming for the door or in the case of the phone salesman there may be a very quick dial tone.

The question you are asking yourself right now is, “is it really that bad”. The answer, in truth is no.  You are required to spend on average 90 minutes with a well dressed, likeable and in many cases attractive person whose only goal is to get you to understand that you do not take enough vacations and  when you do they are not good enough (oh and have you sign a check for about $20,000). The reason that people say they do not want to do this is that they will be so busy enjoying their vacation that they will not want to spend the 90 minutes away from the beach (by that logic, the 90 minutes is worth $3000 because that is what the trip will cost without the sales presentation).  And then of course the real reason, the salesman will make it seem like it is such a good idea that they would be insane to say no, so they won’t say no, they will say yes and this terrifies them.  The truth is, the salesman might be right, this family   might really need this to commit them to spending more time together. The sales person may be wrong as well, this might be a unique situation that just does not fit the timeshare model.  Either way, the worst possible case scenario is that you spend 2 hours that you probably would have spent sleeping anyway, talking to a person that has a different opinion than you about the best way to vacation.

Only you will know if that is worth $3150

Want to Test out a timeshare vacation ? Find out how.