All About Timeshare

All About Timeshare

Timeshare in General

Timeshare, otherwise known as Vacation Ownership, can be a confusing topic for many people. This article is intended to inform and
educate those interested in buying Timeshare, selling Timeshare, and trading Timeshare. However, in order to understand the
above-mentioned Timeshare themes, one must first comprehend the concept of Timeshare. To accomplish an understanding of the concepts of Timeshare trading, Timeshare usage, Buying Timeshare, and Selling Timeshare, questions that are commonly asked in a Timeshare presentation will be answered.

What is Timeshare?

Timeshare is a concept that allows people to own a fraction a product, whether it is a house, condo, boat, or plane, and use it
during a period of time. The time used by the owner can be either contractually fixed to the same time period over and over; or it
can be flexible, allowing the owner to use the time based on a reservation system.In any case, the concept of Fractional Ownership is becoming very popular among families and corporations alike. Businesses and families appreciate the quality, flexibility, and affordability that today’s Timeshare companies’ provide.


Test a Timeshare Todaytimeshare FAQ

Visit Timeshare Test Drive for a variety of timeshare developers and locations that you can try out. Includes reviews of different
resort cities and prices.


Where did Timeshare originate?

Timeshare was first originated in France during the 1960’s. The concept was for people to own their vacation rather than rent
one. Of course this meant, “owning” a portion of the deeded property at which they stayed, whether it be a hotel, condo, or house.
Over the years, Timeshare has evolved to include owning time on houseboats, cruise ships, and jets.

Who sells Timeshare?

Major hotel companies like Hilton, Fairfield, Ramada and Marriott have entered the Timeshare industry giving the overall image
of Timeshare a more visible and credible face. Depending on the state in which the sale takes place, the sales representative
may hold a Real Estate or Timeshare license. Having licensed representatives, policed by a governing body, present information
about Vacation Ownership gives the consumer more confidence that the information they are receiving is accurate. This has led
to the Timeshare industry gaining more credibility since the sales agent can lose their license if they are misleading, or
knowingly deceptive.

Where are the most desirable destinations for Timeshare Owners?

Since Timeshare desirability really depends on the vacation preferences of the traveler, there are desirable destinations all
over the world. However, when speaking in terms of quantity of vacation ownership developments and popularity of Timeshare,
there are certain areas that are more highly coveted because of terrific weather, diverse activities, and availability of
Timeshare Exchange. These locations are Florida, Hawaii, and California.

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