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Fairfield Resorts


Fairfield Timeshares Overview


The Fairfield Company began selling lots, condos, and custom homes to customers wishing to live in master planned communities since 1966. In 1979, Fairfield saw a growing trend in the leisure and vacation industry throughout the world. Timeshare was beginning to make its mark in the United States.



Eager to provide its customers with more options, Fairfield began selling deeded ownership at its resorts. Customers became owners by purchasing a deeded week during a specific time of year at a certain resort. As time passed, the vacation needs of their owners became more complex. People wanted to travel outside their designated time of year.


Fairfield Resorts Tidbits

By providing exceptional quality, first-class customer service, and a variety of destinations throughout the world, Fairfield is the most owned Timeshare in the world, boasting over half a million owners. With the amount of owners Fairfield has, it’s no wonder they employ almost 9,000 people.

To accommodate their customers ever changing needs, Fairfield began selling FairShare Plus® in 1991. FairShare Plus®, a points-based program designed to add more flexibility to the owners choices of vacation destinations, was the solution many owners desperately wanted. This program gave owners more flexibility with their vacation time by providing more destinations; different times of year to vacation; and vary the size of accommodations they stayed in. Because of its popularity, FairShare Plus® has helped Fairfield grow into one of the top Timeshare Industry leaders.

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