Hawaii Timeshares

Hawaii Timeshares- Paradise Without a Passport

Over 3 million American households today choose timeshare and vacation ownership as their way to enjoy their off time. The quality of the vacationing experience, resort flexibility and great overall value for their dollar are top reasons cited for their decision to buy timeshare. As previously noted, Orlando is the most popular destination and has the most robust collection of timeshare resorts and timeshare developers. Las Vegas is the destination that has become to most popular for exchanges. The giant that has not been discussed yet is Hawaii timeshares. For any that don’t know Hawaii is Americas only true tropical location. Located off the south west corner of the California coast. Hawaii is a small group of islands and although there are many islands, which were formed by volcanoes some still active, there are actually only four that have been extensively developed. Oahu, Kauai, Maui and “The Big Island” of Hawaii (often called Kona) comprise the majority of the real estate and vacation, tourism development and as we have established, where the tourist go, the developers will be there to sell timeshare, buy timeshare and rent timeshare.