Selling Timeshare

Selling Timeshare

At we strive to deliver accurate, objective and useful information about all aspects of timeshare.  Since nothing in the world happens until someone sells something and Timeshare is no different, it is imperative that we deliver a section of our site dedicated to timeshare sales, the timeshare sales environment and the Timeshare Sales Presentation.   This includes the ability to sell timeshare, whether you are a developer of timeshare resorts or an individual who is looking to sell their timeshare privately and the ability to buy timeshare from many sources.  Timeshare sales can be the most intimidating aspect of timeshare, however it doesn’t have to be.  If you are looking to sell timeshare or buy timeshare, this section will give you the insight and information to do so intelligently.

When the concept of timeshare first made its appearance into the vacation market place, regulations protecting the purchasers of timeshare     were hardly existent if at all.  In fact, sales were quite often made over refreshing adult beverages at the beachfront tiki bar.  It was a strongly held belief that if you could loosen the client up a little and prime the pump, it was easier to put them in the picture. This practice made it much easier for that prospective client to make the jump from idea and theory to check book.  Sales made in this environment eventually led to a very dreadful and well deserved bad reputation to the early timeshare sales process.  It also let to the establishment of state laws designed to protect timeshare consumers from predatory sales practices.

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As timeshares became increasingly popular, developers like Hilton, Fairfield, Marriott, and Consolidated Resorts understood that having  a trustworthy and consistent sales department that exuded class, knowledge and integrity was the key factor for operating a successful and ongoing business.  It was also the key to having the FTC stop harassing the timeshare industry and recognize it for what it was, a revolutionary vacation idea that would fundamentally change the way people take vacations.  As such, these developers spent more time and money training their sales representatives to present their product in a professional, and truthful manner.

The result has had a positive effect on the stereotype that had plagued timeshare for years.  Rather than having to hide the recently  purchased timeshare from everyone to avoid shock, question and ridicule, parents, siblings, and friends now boasted that they owned a vacation property that could be exchanged for thousands of others throughout the world.