Top Timeshare Destinations

Top Timeshare Destinations

Timeshare resorts, although not limited to any place or places, do seem to congregate around certain areas of the country.  Popular    timeshare destinations tend to follow the same trends as popular hotel destinations. In the United States the timeshare industry has    historically focused on three main areas, Florida, California, and South Carolina.  These areas have the highest concentration of    timeshare resorts – great weather, beaches, theme parks and plenty of tourist attractions make them obvious choices for vacationers     which in turn makes the obvious choice for timeshare developers.

In Florida, the city of Orlando has about 50% of the state’s timeshare resorts.  The reason for this should be obvious to anyone who has     ever taken a vacation.  The allure of cartoon mice and endless other themed attractions can never be over estimated.  Disney World has become the vacation Mecca for all travelers and the thousands of resorts in the city are proof that Mickey and Minnie are not going anywhere.  The Las Vegas market is getting bigger all the time, fueled by its constant flow of travelers from all over the world, the number and size of the timeshare projects is growing faster than anywhere else in the industry.  Traditional retail resort developers are also getting into the act, including a massive project by Vegas icon and legendary developer Steve Wynn. Europeans, who take more vacations and longer vacations than Americans don’t have the tendency to stay home that Americans do.  They favor  warm, sunny places that are still easy to get to, like the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.  Here is a list of the hottest timeshare  destinations at the moment:

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Current Hottest Timeshares

– Home to Walt Disney World, Seaworld, Universal Studios.  Also home to more that 85 different Timeshare resorts

      • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

– Fantastic for Golfers, Tennis players, Bird Watchers and people who just want to relax.

–   Once a very popular spring break destination, now the age of the tourists has increased and so has the level of accommodations thanks to several Timeshare developers.

–   With its historical draw and 19th century charm, Williamsburg is one one of the top timeshare destinations on the east coast.

– What happens is Vegas Stays in Vegas!  Including the fastest growing Timeshare resort collection in the World.  You will be hard pressed to spend 10 minutes here and not come in contact with a marketing rep from some Timeshare company looking for a way to sell Timeshare to you!

      • Florida coasts (both East and West)

– Although the majority of Timeshare resorts are in Orlando the rest of the state is no slouch and houses many timeshare developers in Coco Beach, Daytona Beach, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale and anywhere else that has an average temperature of 75 and a view of the water.

      • California (especially Southern California Timeshares)

– Some of the new “Big Boys” are based and focused on the west Coast.  Trends West Resorts, Pacific Monarch Resorts, ILX Resorts and Shell Vacation Club are all Head Quartered west of the Mississippi. Anaheim timeshares, San Diego timeshares, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe timeshares and San Francisco are all emerging giants.

– Although you don’t hear about Palm Springs Timeshare nearly as much as you do other markets like Las Vegas timeshare, Orlando Timeshare or Hawaii Timeshare.  The Coachella Valley is one of the fastest growing timeshare markets in the country. The rich and famous have been spending time in this little oasis in the high desert for decades.

  • Colorado Timeshare

– Developers started building timeshare resorts in Colorado so that vacation goers would have a place to ski but the ski towns have found way to stay attractive all year long.  The saying is “I came for the winters but i stayed for the summers” Breckenridge Timeshares, Steamboat Springs Timeshares and Aspen Timeshares are Colorado’s Big three.

– Sedona has been one of America’s best kept vacation secrets for a long time.  But for the timeshare developers, there is no secret about Sedona.

– Hawaii has and always will be a top Timeshare Spot.  Hawaii gives you the feeling of a truly tropical location and the security of still being on U.S. soil.  Currently there are Timeshare Resorts on all of the inhabitable Hawaiian Islands.

      • Mexico

–  Although the laws governing Timeshare and the timeshare industry vary slightly.  It has not slowed the development of mexico timeshare.  Every major resort destination in mexico has one if not more timeshare resorts the two most prominent mainstays being Cancun timeshare and Puerto Vallarta timeshare. If you are looking to buy timeshare, sell timeshare or trade timeshare,  mexico is a top selection.


Emerging Hotspots for Timeshare

    • In growing travel destinations, where demand for hotel rooms and accommodations goes up, so does demand for timeshare and  timeshare resorts.
    • U.S. Virgin Islands timeshare

– Unlike some other Caribbean destinations, demand for timeshare in the Virgin Islands has been low until now.  With timeshare resorts and timeshare programs succeeding on the islands of St. Thomas and St. John, the ability to sell timeshare in the virgin Islands has become a reality.

    • The less popular Hawaiian Islands

– Hawaii Timeshare has historically been firmly entrenched in Maui and the Big Island. Now however, the smaller islands of Oahu and Molokai are begining to join the timeshare trend.

    • Urban areas (United States and Europe)

– One of the most recent timeshare trends is to place timeshare resorts in urban areas.  Cities center have one major obstacle when it comes to timeshare development, limited space. However, urban interval ownership is becoming increasingly popular in places like San Francisco, Boston, and New York.  The ability to sell timeshare in the metropolitan areas unfortunatlely is much greater than the ability to develop it.

    • India and China

– As these countries that were once very difficult to travel in have become more tourist friendly and very sought after destinations, timeshare resorts have followed.  Developers now sell timeshare in places like Bangalore and Goa, in India and Shanghai and Hong Kong, in China.

    • Napa Valley

– Along with the emergence of the west coast as a timeshare hotbed, the introduction of some top rate timeshare resorts in wine country was not far behind.  Napa timeshare is one of the fastest growing markets.

    • Canada

– The new term for timeshare in the great white north is fractional owneship.  Although, the timeshare industry is spread evenly across the country. The most productive area to sell timeshare thus far has been British Columbia.  The  Vancouver and Victoria markets have established themselves as a hot destination for timeshare buyers.


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